General Residents

Such beneficiaries are Macau SAR residents who meet the conditions for receiving the amount of Wealth Partaking Scheme as stipulated by law. Because of not being required by law to receive the wealth partaking amount by bank transfer or from the Welfare Services Bureau, residents are divided by the government into 4 age groups. Beneficiaries will receive their wealth partaking amount by crossed cheque via mail within 4 consecutive weeks in 2023, in descending order, with priority for the elderly.

Delivery period of cheque mailing

The date of sending the cheques of Wealth Partaking Scheme 2023 via mail is as follows:
Identity of beneficiaries: General Residents
Year of Birth Delivery Period of Cheque Mailing

Starting Date for Cheque

Reissue Request

Week Period
≤ 1970 1 2023.07.11 - 2023.07.14 2023.07.31
1971 - 1993 2 2023.07.17 - 2023.07.21 2023.08.07
1984 - 2011 3 2023.07.24 - 2023.07.28 2023.08.14
2012 - 2022 4 2023.07.31 - 2023.08.04 2023.08.21

Cheque Mailing Address

The Macau SAR government will send a crossed cheque according to the address registered by the general residents upon collection of their identity card or their mailing address specified for receiving the amount of the Wealth Partaking Scheme. General residents may check the current mailing address of receiving the payment or make a change of address.

Cheque Cashing

In accordance with the provisions of the Budget Law in force, crossed cheques issued by the Macau SAR government for wealth partaking amount can be cashed in the year of cheques and valid for three years from December 31 of the same year. In other words, their permitted cashing period lasts until December 30 three years later.