Public administration staff have not yet registered for receiving tax reimbursement or other payments from FSB through bank transfer

Such beneficiaries are Macao SAR residents who meet the conditions for receiving the amount of the Wealth Partaking Scheme as stipulated by law. Since salaries of such public administration staff are not processed and paid by the FSB and they have not registered to receive salaries tax refunds or other payments through bank transfer, their wealth partaking amounts will only be paid by autopay together with their salaries by the public agencies and organizations they work for.

Bank Transfer

Regarding to the Wealth Partaking Scheme 2023, the date of receiving the wealth partaking amount by bank transfer is the payday in July, 2023. Beneficiaries may check their status of the bank transfer.

Change Bank Accounts for Transfer

If the beneficiaries wish to change their bank accounts for receiving the wealth partaking amount, they may consult the public agencies or organizations they work for as their bank accounts of receiving payments are the same with those for receiving salaries. Alternatively, they may register in the relevant banks to receive tax refunds or other payments from the Financial Services Bureau in order to receive the wealth partaking amount without changing the bank accounts for receiving salaries.