Privacy Declaration

(Latest update: 04 February 2021)

1. Collection and processing of non-personal information on this website

If you only browse the “Wealth Partaking Scheme” website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) instead of running the software or applications of this website to submit any information, we will not record any identifiable information and we will not collect either your personal data and/or information about other people, especially names, emails and contact numbers.

When you browse or download data from this website, the information system will automatically record the following technical data through a third-party, Google Analytics. Information such as your Internet domain name and IP address, the date and time you start browsing, pages viewed, and if you enter this website from a hyperlink from another website, the domain name of the website you come from will also be recorded. The purpose of collecting this information is to serve as a basis for improving this website in order to enable its users to use it more conveniently in the future. Except in the case of such visits found to be hostile to this website, no information will be used to trace their source of origin.

When you use the electronic services provided by this website, the software executed may use Cookies to record your usage, this is mainly for the statistical analysis of Google Analytics. If the detection of Cookies is enabled in your browser, you may receive a prompt message every time when the software stores Cookies.

2. Data subjects of website services of the "Personal Data Protection Law" 

The data subjects referred to in this Declaration are users who use the online services provided by this website and do not need to register in advance, but they will be the parties in the processing of data by the Macao SAR Government. Such data can only be the information of the aforementioned users, his/her authorized persons or the persons under his/her guardianship. Users provide information to the Macao SAR Government in compliance with their obligations, in exercise of other rights conferred or in compliance with obligations imposed by law, as well as in participation in activities and tasks for the aim of performing duties of the Financial Services Bureau (FSB) and relevant public departments and organizations.

As the coordination and maintenance department of this website, the FSB will ensure that its staff abide by all relevant regulations, and the processing of your personal data will be regulated by confidentiality measures and be properly stored. Personal data will be stored until the data is no longer be used for the purpose of which it was collected, or until the retention period specified by the government, at which time the data will be sealed or destroyed in accordance with relevant regulations.

3. Purposes of collecting and processing personal data 

The collection of personal data through the online services rendered by this website and its linked websites is to develop necessary activities or tasks which aim at exercising the competences of the authority, or implement policies established by other legal provisions or set out by superior authorities.

Personal data will not be collected if only general information of this website is browsed. Personal data to collect in the scope of developed activities by relevant public departments and organizations must be appropriate and adjusted to the necessities of competences to exercise. They cannot be used beyond the related purposes for which they are collected and processed. 

4. Legitimacy and legality of collecting and processing personal data 

When users inquire about the information of themselves, their authorized persons or persons under their guardianship through this website represents his/her consent of collecting and processing the respective personal data pursuant to the provision of article 6 of Law no. 8/2005. The Macao SAR Government must process personal data in a legal and transparent manner, respecting the principles of good faith, protection of private life and fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees established in the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region of Macao.

Personal data collected for certain purposes for a required period should be kept on file. If the period is not legally provided, various sub-units should define such a period. After the retention period, the data should be sealed or cancelled as applicable.

The staff of the FSB and relevant public departments and organizations is bound by professional secrecy with regard to personal data undergoing processing, and cannot disclose or divulge such data, without prejudice to the application of penalties provided for in article 41 of Law no. 8/2005. 

5. External links

The content of this website is linked to other websites, such as the Identification Bureau, the Municipal Affairs Bureau, etc. When you click on these links to go to other websites, it means that you have left this website. The privacy policies of these websites are likely to be different from this website. We are not responsible for the content of these websites and their privacy policies. Therefore, it is recommended that you read their privacy policies prior to using these websites when necessary.

6. Data security and confidentiality of processing

The FSB and relevant public departments and organizations must adopt appropriate measures to ensure that personal data to be provided by the users of website will be processed under adequate and safe conditions. Without prejudice to the exercise of the powers of the competent authorities and judicial institutions provided for by law, both collection and processing of data are subject to confidentiality

7. Rights of the data subjects

Unless the exceptions set out legally, the FSB staff must put in execution the appropriate measures and practices to safeguard the effective exercise of the rights of the holder of personal data, in particular, the right of information, the right of access, the right of rectification, the right of opposition, the right not to be constrained by individual automatized decision and the right of indemnity etc., stipulated in the “Personal Data Protection Law”, without prejudice to the collection of fees legally prescribed.

8. Changes to this statement

If there are any updates to the statement, we will replace the old version with the newer one without prior notice, but the modified date will be listed in the text.